50% off wings

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

|Author: Kevin|

After my first week I thought I would do some reflecting on Bangalore thus far or complete my assigned blog homework. It's good though because, honestly, I have been so caught up in getting to know the city and its wonderful people that I haven’t stepped back to think about what the heck is happening. This does remind me, I should call my family.

Sorry Mom! Talk to you later tonight!

I have spent a lot of time hanging out with the St. Joseph’s College (SJC) students that we met early on in our first week and my biggest reflection thus far has been how much in common we have in our daily life. About an hour into meeting my first SJC friend, Akash, he asked me if I liked wings. I was taken a back and said, "Of course?" Akash proceeded to tell me that there was half off on wings at a restaurant on Tuesdays and I proceeded to reminisce on the many Tuesday “All you can eat wing” nights at Buffalo Wild Wing’s back home in Virginia. Another example came when my friend Vishwas invited me to his house. Walking through the front door, I was hit with the familiar college student apartment environment. Mostly blank walls, furniture consisting of couches, fridges, and never a big enough table. A speaker was playing popular hip-hop artists like DaBaby and Drake. I never thought I would say it but even the sink filled with dirty dishes left from dinner made me feel oddly homey in this place far far away from Seattle.

Now not everything I’ve experienced in Bangalore has been the same as my life back home. Slowly getting used to the chaos of traffic, I remember the first cow I saw smack dab in the middle of a five-way intersection. I was shocked at first but now if I don’t see a cow walking on a busy street, its not a regular Monday. Another change in my life has been the numerous coconuts I have drank that vendors sell on the street. My first time buying one I was unaware of the splash zone and took the coconut water to the face when he pierced the fruit with his machete. But now I take a couple steps back or open my mouth.

The city can be overwhelmingly different and comfortably similar at the same time. So, when things can seem too upside down for me, I glad to know I can get 50% off on wings every Tuesday. See you guys there tonight!

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